In 2001 I started to improvise with electronics. From the beginning I have been using my own software written in SuperCollider which I'm still developing further: patches which generate algorithmically controlled synthetic textures, sound file processors as well as classical and unusual effects. To control these patches I'm often using MIDI controllers, an iPad or gesture sensors which I can assign to the various fx algorithms in a flexible manner while playing.

Besides computer software I like to play with mechanical "sound generators" like slinkies, rubber mallets, scrapers, garden rakes, egg beaters, milk frothers, threaded rods, styrofoam objects, egg slicer, music boxes, motors etc.. In order to make their sounds audible I attach contact microphones to them and just amplify or process them with my software.

Occasionally I develop special hardware like the "Multivibrator" which can drive normal motors, vibration motors or solenoids and whoch can be controlled via MIDI or a built-in capacitive keyboard. (The motors make their own sound whereas the vibration motors - from cell phones - and the solenoids should be attached to some resonating objects). For an open air project with the Ensemble Megaphon I once built small portable sound generators which since then have been used an many other projects and for improvisations.

When performing with other musicians I also transform their instruments and voices via microphones and my patches. Very rarely I also include clips or loops, field and studio recordings for improvisation.

If possible I try to set up a multichannel loudspeaker system. SuperCollider makes it easy to adapt for loudspeaker configurations with different numbers of channels, which allows for example to switch from 4 to 8 channels right before a performance.



Setups, equipment and actions at various performances:


Some improvisations, recorded at concerts or studio sessions at diverse locations: churches, theatres, former factory spaces, living rooms, attics.

Johannes and Conny Bauer (trombones), Thomas Noll (organ), Andre Bartetzki (electronics),
Festival Randspiele Zepernick, 2013:

(Recording: tonus arcus)

Nicolas Wiese, Ludger Hennig, Sofia Borges, Willi Hanne, Rafal Mazur, Stefan Schultze, Tomek Gadezki, Joris Ruehl, Sebastian Branche, Christof Knoche, d'incise, Caro Olbertz, Andre Bartetzki,
Improv Kitchen @ Klangkunstprojekte, Leipzig, 2013:

(Recording: Ludger Hennig)

Günter Heinz (voice, trombone), Andre Bartetzki (electronics),
Kleinwaltersdorf, 2009:

(Recording: Andre Bartetzki)

Thomas Noll (organ), Andre Bartetzki (electronics),
Festival INSIDE_OUT, Berlin, 2016:

(Recording: Andre Bartetzki)

Lenka Zupkova (violin), Andre Bartetzki (electronics),
Pumpwerk, Berlin, 2006:

(Recording: Andre Bartetzki)

Barbara Buchholz (theremin), Lenka Zupkova (violin), Andre Bartetzki (electronics),
Pumpwerk, Berlin, 2007:

(Recording: Andre Bartetzki)

Annette Krebs (guitar, electronics), Andre Bartetzki (electronics),
Berlin, 2009:

(Recording: Andre Bartetzki)

Michaelis Consort (Early Music), Andre Bartetzki (electronics),
Schloß Burck, 2013:

(Recording: Andre Bartetzki)

Max. E. Keller (piano), Günter Heinz (trombone), Andre Bartetzki (electronics),
Theater am Gleis, Winterthur, 2011:

Ensemble Good Mori (2 gayageums, violin, voice), Andre Bartetzki (electronics),
Festival Randspiele Zepernick, 2016:

(Recording: tonus arcus)