state space

Text projections for "L'homme machine" by Georg Katzer

Video for "La Nativité du Seigneur"





On Growth and Form


Zwischenräume (spaces between) are created for the program "Underground on the Road - Pedro Páramo" with the ensemble Megaphon on the occasion of the festival "Ums Wort" in Hannover. All sounds are based on sentences and words from a commentary by Juan Rulfo, author of "Pedro Páramo", spoken by Anna Clementi.

Jubiläum - 16 Miniaturen

The Rain Passed Over

Auf Engelsflügeln

Beschreibung II



Encounters (AV)







Program notes

The dimensions between memory and presence, writing and sound, interpretation and invention constitute the field of tension to which the soloist is exposed in various ways. However, the soloist - while playing - is generating the space which she has to navigate through.


Program notes

The german word Einklang means "being in harmony" or "consistent" and can also be read as "one sound". Ringing church bells have a well-known peculiar feature: the poly-rhythmic phase shiftings between the single bells oscillating in different velocities. This rhythmical quality appears as the intrinsic musical structure of church bells. Within the sound of a bell these non-periodicities in some degree are replicated as inharmonic proportions of the partial sounds. Likewise the human ear is trimming the ambiguous bell sound to only one virtual strike tone we are trying to integrate the independently running pendulum pulses of the bells to a superior measure. This antagonism of independent oscillations occuring both in the dimensions of sound and time structure is a fundamental idea of Einklang. (...)

Einklang was commissioned by the ZKM Karlsruhe, Institute for Music and Acoustics, on the occasion of the European Bell Festival 2004.


This concert installation is meant to be played together with an orchestral performance of Ludwig van Beethoven's music for ballet "Die Geschöpfe des Prometheus" op. 43.
It comprises a visual part, consisting of 8 different video streams played through 16 monitors, and 4 intermitting tape music parts as well as an electronic finale (6 channel audio). The visual part accompanies the orchestra whereas the electronic music alternates with Beethoven's music.

This concert installation was performed three times in June 2003 in Erfurt and Jena with the Universitätsorchester Erfurt, conductor: Sebastian Krahnert.


This installation was part of the project "Ein unguter Ort - doch besser als die Welt" (Ernst Jünger) organized by the Projektbüro Copyright. Several artists were invited to develop works related to the subject "Orte und Unorte" (places and no-places). Most of the installations and objects were exhibited in the Projektraum Kampl (Berlin, Auguststrasse) alternating over a period of several months in spring 2002. This project was finished with a final week of lectures, performances and an exhibition at the Akademie der Künste (Berlin, Hanseatenweg).