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Soundscape for "proteo"


unterton2 ist eine weitere Variante meiner Hörliegeninstallationen, die in anderer Form schon bei verschiedenen Festivals und Ausstellungen zu hören war (u.a. Hörkunstfestival Erlangen, Randspiele Zepernick, Medienkunstfestival ping! Andratx, Música Viva Lissabon), aber auch in eher pädagogischen Zusammenhängen zum Einsatz kam (Blindenhilfswerk Berlin, Kinderheim des Diakonischen Werkes Leipzig).




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A Show Case for SC Tweets

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Cuerda Infinita

Pas de deux + 1

Two pianos are playing together, dancing dreamily together an algorithmic waltz. Nothing can disturb their intimate togetherness - only you, the visitor, could bring them out of their steps ....




Schlingen was developed as site specific installation for the pergola of the parish house of the Sankt-Annen church in Zepernick as part of the XIVth Randspiele.
Several metal sheets and strips equipped with body shakers and piezo pickups were coupled electronically (via a computer) as well as mechanically (via threads or cords) in order to form a nested system of resonators.

Songs from the Wood

Songs from the Wood was part of the festival Randspiele (July 2005) in and around the Sankt-Annen-Kirche in Zepernick (near Berlin). 4 head-high wooden boards leaned against a tree trunk in the churchyard. On the backside of each board were mounted 2 electro-acoustic transducers (also known as "body shakers"). These body shakers excited the boards with partially very strong low sounds so that the visitors, leaning on the boards, were more or less directly physically coupled to the transducers.


Pots, saucepans, kettles and metal bowls and jugs are mounted on the ceiling over the heads of the visitors. 16 loudspeakers are located within the pots which act as resonators for the sounds recorded in the kitchen.


rumor was developed during a seminar at the media faculty at the Bauhaus-University in Weimar. This seminar was held by Robin Minard, Dieter Kemter and Andre Bartetzki. 8 students (Rafa Bernabeu, Antoine Léchevin, Alexander König, Lars Mai, Matthias Neumann, Felix Obée, Hannah Leonie Prinzler, Stefan Wilk) worked for 3 months on different aspects of the design of this sound sculpture: the concept, the construction, the sounds, the sound processing, the sensors and so on. rumor consisted of a huge system of copper tubes looping down several stories of a staircase. On the upper end the visitors had thrown ping-pong balls into the tube. The balls were rolling down through the system whereby at different positions several audio and trigger signals were sent to a computer. These signals were used to control and feed various sound processes which were played back through 16 loudspeakers in the staircase. The more balls were in the system the more excited and lively were the generated sound textures.

Zeichen in der Landschaft

Yellow Sub

High Society


Ware Schönheit

This work was the sound design for the exhibition "Ware Schönheit" in the Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin.
The organizer, the museum der dinge / Werkbundarchiv, exhibited a large collection of objects under the question: what happens to things when they get transmuted into goods or commodities?
8 different rooms were configured, each of them showing another aspect of the "thing" and its relations.


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